Traffic Cones

 We are proud to introduce SafetyQuip’s range of day and night traffic cones. We supply both 450mm and 700mm high traffic cones, suitable for small and large worksites. Our night range traffic cones.

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3M™ Protecta Confined Space Kit: Tripod, Type 3 Retrieval SRL, Pulley

 SafetyQuip supplies a range of workplace safety equipment and gear, such as 3M’s Protecta Confined Kit. Many of our clients need to access confined spaces throughout their work, such as a below-ground pit.

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3M™ Versaflo™ TR-300 Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) Review

For workplaces where respiratory protection is a necessity there are many options such as disposable respirators and reusable respirators, however there are more heavy-duty options such as our Powered Air Purifying Respirator (or PAPR)..

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Respirator 3M HF-800SD – SafetyQuip Review

Today we are reviewing the 3M Half Face HF-800SD Respirator. This product is a premium respirator that has a number of great features, which we will discuss today.  Speaking Diaphragm When we tried on.

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Oliver 55-332Z AT55 Zip-Side Safety Boot – SafetyQuip Review

 The Oliver 55-332Z AT55 Series All-Terrain Zip-Sided Work Boot is one of the most popular safety boots in Australia, a supportive lace up boot with a zip-side for easy removal Traditionally in Australia,.

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Oliver 55350Z/55330Z/55340Z AT55 130mm Zip Side Safety Boot – SAFETYQUIP REVIEW

 The Oliver Footwear AT55 Series All-Terrain 55350Z boot is the long-awaited lower cut version of the AT55 Series boots that’s finally available here in Australia. These boots are available in the standard black.

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SafetyQuipYour One-Stop Safety Shop

Safety Gear - Workwear - Footwear - Site Safety

Meeting your safety obligations to your workforce is a serious business. Standards evolve, and it can be tough to keep abreast of them. So it’s great to know you have a partner in SafetyQuip – a business that makes it its business to know your safety issues, and stocks all the safety workwear and PPE you will need to address them.

At SafetyQuip, we stock every kind of safety equipment and PPE, including respiratory protection, HI VIS safety workwear, height safety and skin protection. We stock safety equipment for materials handling, with ladders, platforms and elevated work spaces. And we’ve got you covered for personal protective equipment for the feet, with waterproof and steel capped work boots, plus a range of accessories.

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