Safety signage is used in Australia to clearly identify any hazards or workplace risks, or any precautionary measures. This means workplace safety signs can encompass everything from ‘protective gear must be worn’ and ‘entry by permit only’, to exit and first aid related signage.

Which Safety Sign is Right for You

Workplace safety signs are split into categories, including mandatory, prohibition, danger, warning, emergency, fire and general site safety.

Mandatory Signs

This type of signage dictates an explicit instruction that needs to be followed. For example, ‘Head Protection Must Be Worn In This Area’.

Prohibition Signs

A prohibition sign, as the name suggests, specifies behaviours that are not permitted. For example, ‘No Smoking’.

Danger Signs

A danger sign will act as a warning when there’s a hazardous situation that can be regarded as life threatening. For example, ‘Confined Space: Entry By Permit Only’.

Warning Signs

A warning sign will identify any hazard or hazardous environment that isn’t regarded as life threatening. For example, ‘Forklifts In Use’. 

Emergency Information Signs

Emergency information signs indicate the location of emergency related facilities. For example, exits, first aid, safety equipment, etc.

Fire Signs

Will indicate where fire alarms and fire-fighting equipment are located.

How SafetyQuip Can Help

After years of working within the safety supply industry, our team are equipped with the skills and expertise to help you identify which type of signage is right for you.

Whether you need emergency information signs for in an office, or danger signs for on a construction site, we’ve got everything you need. We supply a full range of workplace safety signs that can be used in and around your workplace, to help keep your staff well-informed and safe from harm.


Site sign safety audits can be arranged by SafetyQuip. Give your local SafetyQuip branch a call.
Do not forget to install specific signs for the storage of gas and the refuelling of forklifts.
Signage includes all of the necessary actions for lockout, confined space entry, height safety, vehicle movements, fire emergency and evacuation.
Contact your local SafetyQuip branch to have custom signs made to order.

SafetyQuip offers a full scope safety supply service for safety signage including general safety signs, mandatory signs, prohibition signs, warning signs, danger signs and emergency signs.