Harness – Tower Workers 3M DBI-Sala Delta 853XL-0018 c/ Rear/Side DRing/Belt/Belay/CSLoops/REPEL Web


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Harness – Tower Workers 3M DBI-Sala Delta 853L-0018 c/w Rear/Side D-Ring/Waist Belt/Frontal Belay & Con Space Loops & REPEL Webbing – L

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• Rear fall arrest stand-up D-ring & front fall arrest/belay loops
• Waist belt with side D-rings
• Padded lower back/hip pad
• Confined space/retrievalattachment points
• Quick connect buckles
• Work positioning seat withpole D-rings
• Impact indicator
• Protected labels with i-Safe™
• Bonus harness storage bag
• Sizes: S, M, L, XL