Spill Control


Unfortunately, control measures to eliminate or reduce the prevalence of spills aren’t always successful. It’s important that employers have initiatives in place to deal with any workplace spills, especially if the spills are of a chemical or hazardous nature.

It’s important both employers and employees have access to training, supervision, and high-quality spill control products, so that when a spill does occur proper measures can be taken to clean it up before any accidents happen.

Safe Spill Control Procedures

Spill prevention/control/response programmes should be implemented in every workplace, and must adhere to any local and environmental regulations.

Key aspects of any procedure should include the safe management, storage, and control of hazardous materials, which will help reduce the risk of spillages, while also helping to contain and minimise the spill, to ensure it doesn’t continue to spread. Workplace spillage procedures should also detail a safe method for absorbing/cleaning up the spill, including what spill control products should be used, and the correct way to dispose of any materials used to clean up the spill.

It’s worth noting that the inappropriate disposal of hazardous spills can attract hefty fines in Australia, as the safe, environmentally conscious disposal of all hazardous materials is essential for environmental conservation.

Workplace Safety Tips 

  • All identified employees who could be exposed to workplace spills should be properly trained
  • There are strict waste disposal regulations for all local and regional areas in Australia – make sure you understand your local requirements
  • Identify any potential drainage outlets in a risk assessment. If you’re unsure of these, use coloured water to track a run-off
  • Underground drainage, cable, and services ground ducts pose a serious risk in the event of a spill – make sure protecting these areas are a priority

How SafetyQuip Can Help

Our fantastic product range contains everything you need for preventing/cleaning up unwanted spills in the workplace. This range of spill control products includes:

  • Spill control kits
  • Absorbents
  • Socks
  • Pads
  • Pillows
  • Rolls
  • Pallets
  • Accumulation centres
  • Bunds
  • Sheds

For all of your workplace spill prevention/clean up needs, contact the team at SafetyQuip today!

Safety Tips

  • All identified employees exposed to workplace spills risk must be trained.
  • There are strict waste disposal regulations for all local and regional Council areas.  Know them.
  • Include all potential drainage outlets in a risk assessment.  If unsure, use coloured water to track runoff.
  • Underground drainage, cable and services ground ducts pose a serious risk in the event of a spill.
  • Remember that leaking LPG in an indoor workplace when mixing with air at the right ratio can produce an explosive risk many times that of petrol.
  • There are strict and mandated regulations related to the storage and dispensing of forklift gas. Read and implement them.

SafetyQuip offers a full scope range of spill control products including kits, absorbents,socks, pads, pillows, rolls, pallets, accumulation centres, bunds and sheds.