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Did you know...?

Every UniSafe brand safety helmet has an issue date sticker on the inside of the shell for wearers to record their name and date of issue.


Three years hence remove the helmet from use or earlier if the helmet has changed in colour, exhibits any signs of wear or damage due to impact or deterioration (AS/NZS 1800:1998 3.4).


If the sticker has not been used or has been removed, replace the helmet three years from the manufacture date stamp under the brim or peak of the helmet. In the centre of the stamp is the year with a directional arrow pointing to the month of the year in which the helmet was made.


Storage is part of ongoing care and maintenance but is so often overlooked. Care should be taken to ensure your safety helmet, when not in use, is stored appropriately and not exposed to possible damage.
Refrain from leaving it sitting near the rear window of a car as it is exposed to intensified heat, sunlight and becomes a flying projectile in the event of a car accident or sudden braking.


(info by Scott Safety)