Andatech breathalyzers can measure your alcohol level, you can test yourself before driving home. Tested thoroughly for reliability, accuracy and durability, Andatech breathalysers are used by individuals and professionals in various industries including law enforcement, medicine, construction, mining, and aviation. Whether you’re after a personal breathalyzers, industrial breath testers for alcohol, interlock or fixed type wall-mounted alcohol breath testers, Andatech has the right one for you.

Committed to quality

Andatech puts all their breathalyzers through extensive research and testing to ensure the highest level of accuracy, durability and reliability.

A majority of Andatech's breathalysers are Australian Standard AS3547 Certified, meaning that they have been tested and certified to be accurate, reliable, and perform better than other alcohol breath testers in the market without it. Additionally, this also assures you that these breathalyzers are serviceable and well-supported through a strict control process as a safety device.