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    A good Lock Out, Tag Out (LOTO) system is a mainstay of an effective safety regime. If you’re operating hazardous equipment or processes, the rewards of good safety are not confined to the simple avoidance of injury, desirable though that may be. A good LOTO system can bring an immediate boost to your bottom line by increasing your productivity and reducing your insurance premiums.

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Australian Franchise Opportunities With SafetyQuip

SafetyQuip is Australia’s only significant business to business (B2B) franchise in full scope workplace safety products and services. We are actively seeking suitable franchisees for the following locations: Sydney, Townsville/Cairns, Mackay, Hobart, South Perth, South Adelaide, and Rockhampton. In SafetyQuip's proven B2B franchise model franchisees distribute workplace safety products and services to the under-serviced small to medium enterprise segment of the $1billion+ workplace safety market. SafetyQuip was ranked number 31 on the BRW Fast Franchises 2010 list and number 29 on the BRW Frast Franchises 2011 list, so if you're looking to buy a franchise that is well respected in the marketplace, offers solid earning potential, and presents an opportunity for rapid growth then find out more by clicking the Franchise Opportunites button.

SafetyQuip offers a full scope safety supply service including personal protective equipment (PPE), safety equipment, work wear, safety gear, site safety products, confined space equipment and hi visibility clothing.