Label Printer Kit – Brady BMP71 c/w Markware Software

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Label Printer Kit – Brady BMP71 c/w Markware Software

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• Create on demand labels for multiple applications from one printer
• The large full colour graphical screen allows you to preview your label before printing
• The BMP™71 label maker can print on more than 30 different types of label materials
• Able to customise labels up to 50mm high
• Rechargeable battery and AC power adaptor included
• Supplied with hardcase, 1 roll of die cut labels, 1 ribbon cartridge, USB cable, Quickstart Guide and printer driver CD

Use with Durasleeve® Wiremarking (B-390)
• Long lasting and durable marking of wires and cables
• Consists of two parts: the marker insert (that is printed upon) and the vinyl carrier which the marker is inserted into
• Available in white or yellow, 15mm or 30mm length

(Other tape options available)