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Eye/Face Wash Units

Speakman eye/face washes are engineered to provide a fast cleansing, low velocity first aid curtain of aerated water that washes eye and face contours gently. The conical action shower head, first developed by Speakman Showers, ensures maximum volume water flow with no undue force.The specially designed bowls ensure that the water is distributed through the aeration system at the correct flow rate to safely decontaminate the affected area.

The Speakman AERATED EYE WASH provides two soft dual streams of aerated water to instantly wash away contaminants from soft membrane areas, following the eye contours more closely. Aerated water provides a peroxide scrubbing action that removes contaminants from delicate soft membrane areas more efficiently and safely. Harsh streams or jets of water that can embed injurious material into the eyes or skin, are avoided.