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What is ProLock?

ProLock is a patented, unique easy adjustment harness system for ProChoice hard hats which also incorporates the ProLink anchorage system.


It removes the frustration and guesswork out of properly fitting a hard hat. A comfortable and safe fit is achieved without having to remove the hard hat. ProChoice hard hats are also available in the more traditional PinLock adjustment system.


(info & image: ProChoice)



Hard Hats by ProChoice Safety Gear provide head protection that conforms to Australian Safety Standards. Like most ProChoice PPE, attention is given to operator safety, convenience and comfort. The hard hats are fitted with the ProLink anchorage system which considerably enhances the shock absorption effectiveness, while the ProLock adjustment system enables the internal harness to be adjusted while the hard hat is being worn.

Other PPE accessories have been designed to be fitted to ProChoice Safety Gear hard hats without compromising their effectiveness; including ear muffs and face shields.

ProChoice hard hats come in vented and unvented models and with a range of colours which can distinguish different worker classifications on site.