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What is the difference between a ‘Domestic’ and an ‘Industrial’ ladder?
An ‘Industrial’ ladder must have a minimum load rating of 120kg and be labeled that it is suitable for Industrial use.

A ‘Domestic’ ladder must have a minimum load rating of 100kg and be labeled that it is suitable for Domestic use.

NB: A ‘Domestic’ ladder is NOT suitable for use in a workplace or in a commercial environment.
Similarly, be aware that just because a ladder is labeled with a load rating, it does not mean that the ladder actually meets the standards. If in doubt, ask for a statement from the manufacturer or distributor.

What ladder ‘Duty’ and ‘Load’ Ratings can be used in a workplace?
Only ‘Industrial’ ladders with a load rating of 120kg or higher can be used in a work environment - this includes building sites, factories, shops and offices. NB: Shops and offices are commercial workplaces and require 'Industrial’ rated ladders.


Ladder Safety Tips:

  • Always ensure that the ladder is placed on a firm level surface.
  • Check that each foot is in contact with the surface.
  • Ensure that spreaders are fully extended prior to use.
  • Do not use a ladder if the spreader is missing, loose or damaged.
  • Regularly check ladder feet for excessive wear.


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