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Primary Benefits of the Cardiac Science Powerheart:


- The device is Rescue Ready®, meaning it self-tests daily to ensure it works when you need it.


Ease of Use - The RescueCoach™ voice prompts and metronome guide you through a very stressful rescue situation. The device knows when to (and when not to) deliver the shock.
The text screen lends extra help in noisy and chaotic environments.


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Advanced AED technology for fast, effective response to sudden cardiac arrest.

What happens in the first few minutes following a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) can make the difference between life and death.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest - Did you know..?

  • - More than 50% of victims have no previous symptoms of coronary heart disease.
  • - Survival rates decrease by 10-12% per minute.
  • - Each minute without oxygen diminishes the likelihood the victim will return to a “normal life.”
  • - 94% of SCA victims die before reaching the hospital.
  • - The average call-to-shock time for a “typical community” is 11 minutes.
  • - Defibrillation within three minutes can increase survival rates to 75%.

Cardiac Science's life-saving defibrillators are needed everywhere the public can access them to save lives: at home, work, school, in restaurants, shopping centres, airports, libraries, and other public places. They give the confidence to act, and save lives.

Powerheart devices are easy to use, as there are no buttons to press. All the user does is open the lid and listen to the voice/text prompts to attach the electrode pads. The AED will determine if the patient needs a shock or not. If a shock is required the AED will deliver the shock automatically, and if no shock is required, the AED will comprehensively guide the user through CPR.

Cardiac Science's AED’s are maintenance-free as they perform automatic comprehensive self-testing of all critical components daily, weekly and monthly.