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Plugs or Muffs?

Not all ears are the same. Ear shapes vary from person to person.  It is important to choose a
hearing protection solution that suits your working environment, the needs of the worker and also promotes 100% wear time.

Plugs are best for people who work all day in noise and who have to wear other safety equipment such as hard hats, masks or goggles. Earmuffs are easier to put on and take off, so they are more convenient for people who are intermittently exposed to noise.


It is a matter of personal preference and both will provide protection provided that they are worn correctly.

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Howard Leight

When you need to block noise, Howard Leight gives you the tools to do the job right. From maximum attenuation to maximum value, they set the standard for noise blocking and hearing protection. Howard Leight’s earmuffs provide a choice of features and protection ideal for many workers and environments.