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It’s all about making the right choice

Selecting the right protection for your workers means more than choosing the earplug with the highest SLC80 rating. A better way to ensure consistent and proper use is to select earplugs by comfort profile. That means considering all the features that make one earplug work and fit differently than another: material, shape, size and SLC80 rating. Howard Leight makes it easy to compare products and ensure that all your workers receive the right fit and protection.

Cords for added convenience

In many environments, workers need to remove their earplugs during the course of a days work. Howard Leight offers a wide selection of products with cords that make refitting earplugs more convenient, reducing lost plugs.


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Howard Leight

Howard Leight offers a selection of Single-Use, Multiple-Use, Detectable and Banded earplugs.  Whether you are outfitting employees by the handful or by the hundreds, there is a Howard Leight earplug solution to suit.