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The Andatech Precision+ Breathalyser is a state of the art instrument ideal for personal and workplace breath testing. It uses an electrochemical fuel cell to measure the concentration of alcohol from the exhaled human breath. If alcohol is present, a corresponding voltage is generated from the fuel cell, proportionate to the alcohol content of the sample provided. This voltage is then sent to the microcontroller to calculate and display a %BAC. The Precision+ is Australian Standard AS3547 Certified.


The Andatech Precision+ has both direct and passive modes. In passive mode (fast testing) no mouthpiece is needed: the subject can simply speak or breathe into the mouthpiece slot to get an “Alcohol Detected” or “No Alcohol” reading. In direct mode you can attach a mouthpiece and obtain a highly accurate 3 decimal place readout.


It is the perfect tool for law enforcement, OH&S, schools, alcohol treatment, emergency rooms and medical professions.


Now with a large 2.4" TFT colour screen and clear onscreen instructions, the new Andatech Precision+ offers advanced features in a simple-to-use breathalyser ideal for accurate workplace alcohol testing.



Fuel Cell Accuracy
High accuracy and hi-tech electrochemical sensor used in all police breathalysers promises exceptional accuracy and long lifespan to cater to high volume testing.


Highly Accurate Readings
Provides exceptionally fast and accurate readings ranging from 0.000 to 0.400% BAC and reacts only to alcohol.


Industrial Breathalyser
High accuracy, long term stability and sensor life makes it an ideal breathalyser for industrial use.


Quality Assured
Australian Standard AS3547 Certified.


Passive Testing (Fast Mode)
Offers standard testing for accurate results and passive testing without the use of mouthpieces for quicker results.


Click HERE for a PDF with info on the Andatech Precision+.


Breathalyser - Workplace Andatech Precision Plus c/w 100 Mouthpieces (Combo)


    Andatech Precision+ Workplace Breathalyser

    • Fuel cell breathalyser
    • Accurate 3 decimal place reading
    • Passive and Normal mode testing
    • Clear on-screen instructions
    • Simple and easy to use
    • Australian Standards AS 3547
    • Comes with 100 mouthpieces
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Product Available
    • Breathalyser - Workplace Andatech Precision Plus c/w 100 Mouthpieces (Combo)
      • Breathalyser - Workplace Andatech Precision Plus c/w 100 Mouthpieces (Combo)

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