The AlcoSense Stealth breathalyzer is the best device in the AlcoSense range of personal breathalyzers in terms of technology and accuracy. Made to the highest standards, the Stealth contains an impressive fuel cell sensor and provides highly accurate 3 decimal place readings within seconds.


Exceptional accuracy

The Stealth's electrochemical fuel cell sensor promises super fast readings that are accurate and reliable. As an Australian Standards Certified breathalyzer, the Stealth has undergone rigorous testing for its performance. Its sensor is alcohol-specific, meaning only ethyl alcohol is measured when giving you a BAC reading; it is unaffected by other types of alcohol such as cologne or mouthwash. Its readings are accurate to +/- 0.005%BAC - the same accuracy as industrial and law enforcement units.


Readings within seconds

An extremely fast warm up time of under 10 seconds means you can start testing yourself or friends and family quickly. After taking a breath sample, the Stealth delivers results within seconds, and it's ready for you to take another test just 10 seconds later. It's fast, easy to use and provides reliability when you need it, wherever you need it.


In the box

Every Stealth breathalyzer comes with a hand strap, soft carry pouch, batteries, five individually wrapped mouthpieces and a 3 year warranty card in a hard case ideal for storage in the car or for travel.


If you're after the best breathalyzer for personal use, look no further than the AlcoSense Stealth fuel cell breathalyzer.


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Breathalyser - Personal Alcosense Stealth c/w 50 Mouthpieces (Combo)

Code: APBS

    AlcoSense® Stealth Personal Breathalyser

    • Professional fuel cell breathalyser
    • Accurate 3 decimal place reading
    • Hard carrying case
    • Fast warm up
    • Australian Standards AS 3547
    • Comes with 50 mouthpieces
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Product Available
    • Breathalyser - Personal Alcosense Stealth c/w 50 Mouthpieces (Combo)
      • Breathalyser - Personal Alcosense Stealth c/w 50 Mouthpieces (Combo)

      • CODE: APBS

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