Franchise Success Story

Patrick Carmody - Former Sunshine Coast Franchisee

Patrick is a clear example of capitalising on the benefits a SafetyQuip franchise has to offer. In 2006, he purchased a SafetyQuip franchise and grew the annual sales year on year. In 2014 he sold the business for a significant capital gain.


Patrick accounts the relocation of his franchise to the largest industrial precinct in his market as a significant factor in the impressive growth of his business.

Read through Patrick’s further explanations for his success, highlighting reasons why he enthusiastically recommends others can also benefit from joining SafetyQuip...

My Story

A Thriving Marketplace

“In my last financial year we traded with over 600 account customers and had many additional counter sale transactions. This level of customer base reflects the opportunities out there. And there are more."

Productive Field Visits

“We had franchisor and franchisor-representative field visits that were excellent opportunities to check our progress on franchise alignment with compliance issues and franchisor development planning. It was an opportunity to be briefed on a wider view of the market and our network position in that market. It also provided a platform to allow us to share our views on system development.”

Solid Marketing Support

“I developed a local marketing plan annually, in collaboration with the franchisor. This way we could be sure we were in alignment with any national promotional activity.”

Franchisor & Franchisee Communication

“The franchisor is very accessible. In fact, telephone communication with the franchisor or his staff was almost daily. I also had access to a very functional intranet that provides forums for discussion on ranges of topics, a library of information 24/7 to run my business and open communication channels to the franchisor and all franchisees.”

Strong Franchisee Cooperation

“The south-east Queensland franchisees combine for activities that benefit the business. For example, we jointly exhibited at the Queensland Safety Show in Brisbane. And the SafetyQuip intranet provides ample opportunity for all franchisees to discuss their views openly by contributing to topical forums – on a daily basis if needed. Franchisees also help each other out with stock transfers when an inventory shortfall might otherwise cause a delay in supplying an order.”

Work/Life Balance

“SafetyQuip is an industrial distribution business. We operated from 8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday. That left me with plenty of time to be with the family, doing the things we enjoyed. Not only that, I also had very capable staff which allowed me to enjoy extended periods away from the business on off-road camping trips.”

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