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When it comes to ensuring workplace safety, it’s essential your employees are equipped with only the finest safety equipment and that your safety supplier helps you choose the products that meet your specific needs.

The last thing you want is for one of your workers to pop on a harness only for it to break mid-air. Cheap, second-rate equipment doesn’t serve anyone’s best interests, and at the end of the day, there’s nothing more important than creating a safe working environment for all of your staff.

So, exactly what makes a good safety supplier? And, more importantly, what should you look for when enlisting the services of a new provider?


An important part of being a supplier of personal protective equipment, workwear, and site safety products is ensuring every customer is receiving industry-specific advice, good-quality products, and further support services. Each of these factors will help you, as an employer, to meet your duty of care in implementing risk control measures and making your workplace safe.

Another part of what makes a safety supplier legitimate is consistency and reliability. Receiving the same level of dedicated customer service time and again, always having someone available to assist with your queries, and being supplied with products that meet safety standards and your needs every time you make a purchase, are all essential factors.

Local knowledge and an understanding of your business and its safety requirements will also go along way in establishing a safety supplier’s credibility.


Meeting Australian safety standards, or even surpassing them is without a doubt one of the most important things when it comes to gaining/maintaining the status of being a premium supplier of safety clothing and equipment.

As well as meeting safety standards, in-depth research into the legislation surrounding your particular business should be undertaken to ensure the products you’re supplied with are compliant.

At SafetyQuip, great care is taken to ensure we maintain our status in Australia as a trustworthy supplier, this includes:

- Subscribing to SAI Global and providing a full suite of safety standards to our network of suppliers

- Only supplying products that meet Australian standards, or any relevant international requirements

- A heavy focus on integrated supplier training with nationally selected suppliers

- All staff working in customer service and sales undergo in-house safety training

- We’re proud members of the National Security Council

- Putting duty of care to our customers first is always our prerogative

Complete Solutions

A reputable and trustworthy supplier shouldn’t only be compliant and credible; they should also supply solutions for workers from head to toe. Fit-to-purpose safety solutions are important, and to ensure your needs are met, it’s important your chosen supplier can provide protective clothing, undergo safety equipment inspections and even respirator fit testing.

If safety compliance is this easy, then why gamble with the safety of your workers? Talk to SafetyQuip today, about how we can help make your workplace a safe environment for everyone.