The Advantages of Buying a Franchise over Starting

For these reasons, many people see franchises as a more simple and effective way of entering into business for the first time… however it should be stated that the same principles of good management, savvy decision making, hard work, time management, financial adequacies and many other good business practices still apply for success!

In many cases, entering an industry as a new-business owner without the support of a Franchisor’s proven business model can be significantly harder…

In the safety supply industry, the road to success for an independent would be an extremely steep climb, as you would struggle to provide the resources necessary to match the large competitors in the market. For example managing a 10,000 plus products database would require one person employed full time, not to mention the preparation of a catalogue every two years requiring many hundreds of man-hours.

However, by providing the support of a large network and access to a proven business model, SafetyQuip Australia have had great success taking people with the right motivation and attitude, teaching them the required skills, and helping them build profitable safety supply businesses right around the country.

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