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When you think of franchised businesses, you generally think of burger joints and cleaning services… not safety equipment, drug and alcohol testing, or leather repairers… right?

Believe it not, the latter are examples from the current franchising frenzy going on in Australia, which is focussing more specifically on niche industries or services, with results that might surprise you!

We can vouch for this, because we’re one of them!

SafetyQuip Australia

We are distributors of workplace safety products and services… from protective wear, to HI VIS apparel, fire extinguishers and traffic cones. Not the type of business that springs to mind when you think of franchises is it…? However, as the only significant B2B franchise in full scope workplace safety products and services, we have been recognised in the top 30 BRW Fast Franchises List – with 13 current Franchises nationwide, turning over an average in excess of $1.3 million annually. Read a success story here!

Listed below are 3 other unsuspecting business-models that are currently enjoying success in an evolving Australian franchise marketplace.

The Leather Doctor

Leather Doctor offers leather and vinyl repair services on furniture, cars, boats, etc. Though this may not seem like an industry with massive franchise opportunities… Leather Doctor has expanded to over 55 franchises around the country, turning over an average of more than $120,000. The main feature in Sydney Morning Herald’s article “What's Australia's weirdest franchise”, franchise business manager Casey Reid credits a lot of their success to choosing a non-crowded niche market, with very little organised, nationally-structured competition.

Jim’s Test & Tag

You’ve probably heard of Jim’s Mowing, maybe even Jim’s Dog Wash… but Jim’s Test & Tag…? That’s right, Testing and Tagging is an industry concerned with professional electrical equipment testing services, providing accreditation that your electrical equipment or machinery complies with any and all requirements or stipulations. While it doesn’t seem like something that could possibly have enough demand for franchising… by focussing on such a specific service, Testing and Tagging has spread across numerous franchising companies, including one of Australia’s biggest franchise corporations, Jim’s Group.

The Drug Detection Agency 

The Drug Detection Agency (DDA) provide mobile onsite workplace drug testing, as well as supervisor training, and developing drug and alcohol policies… to ensure safe working and living environments. The DDA have successful franchises across every state of Australia, and are considered the market leaders in their industry.

Other Unusual Franchises…

Just to name a few!

Interestingly enough, a lot of these franchisors offer services that aid the professional development of your business, or offer protection or maintenance of assets… which is what we are all about at SafetyQuip!

Safety is something that all workplaces need to function, but few companies supply this service, with even fewer of those offering franchising opportunities. For more information or enquiries on how to get involved in our proven successful franchise system, fill out an enquiry form today.