National Safety Standards Will Save Lives

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"The Australian Government, through the coordinating efforts of Julia Gillard, is moving towards a national approach to safety regulations combining the states/territories in a workable equation…and from our point of view it can't happen soon enough."

"One of our company's strengths is its ability to wade through Workplace Health and Safety legislation that varies profoundly state by state - and it makes us conscious of the folly of multiple, duplicative and confusing statutes."

"Around the country, our franchisees are advising industry of their obligations and legal requirements on a daily basis because our business is all about preventing often unnecessary pain and suffering. Workplace accidents and illnesses kill and injure as many Australians every year as are killed and harmed on our roads. The media tend to place less emphasis on reporting about the ones who don't come home from work or who will never work again. The small to medium business owner is expected to wade through mountains of compliance issues that vary state to state when all he needs is a common set of rules", said Mr. Shearer.

Mr. Shearer concluded, "A national approach to workplace health and safety is an obvious and practical step forward in protecting the lives and well being of Australia's millions of workers."