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    Brrrrr! The weather is turning and its time to start thinking about weather appropriate workwear. Our new Winter workwear range has all the things you need to make sure you can beat the cold!

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Brrrrr! There’s no better time to stock up on weather-appropriate work-wear, and the safety professionals at SafetyQuip have just launched their new Winter Work-Wear range!

Our Winter Workwear Range

SafetyQuip distributes a range of winter workwear products designed to keep workers warm, dry and – with our HI VIS range - easy to spot. Our top-quality brands include Bisley, Prime Mover, Brahma, JB’s and many more.

Why winter workwear?

The right winter workwear is essential to making sure the job gets done - come rain, wind or shine – on time and to the highest quality. That’s why we think our new range of jackets, work pants and other items will be a great fit for you!

Why is quality and compliant workwear important?

Great quality and weather appropriate workwear is vital for a variety of reasons.

First of all, it allows you and your employees to deal with the changing weather properly, allowing everyone to work more efficiently. More work gets done and the risk of personal harm is reduced.

A solid winter work wear kit also allows you to be easily identified by customers and others on the periphery, allowing not just for clear identification of site staff and workers, but also adding an element of professionalism to you and your site team.

Our range of Winter Work wear is designed to ensure safety and well-being, allowing workers to concentrate on the task at hand.


The ‘High-Visibility safety garment standards’ laid out in AS/NZS 4602.1:2011 specifies garment parameters for high-vis clothing where high risk applications exist.

These design requirements are structured around the needs of road and rail traffic workers. However, it is recommended that workers in industrial workplaces with similar risk factors adopt this standard.

Specific garment design may vary depending on the workplace environment such as weather, type of work being undertaken and comfort considerations.

Have the best of both worlds

Think that Work wear can’t look professional and be weather-appropriate? Think again.

At SafetyQuip, we are confident that our extensive range of winter products will suit your changing needs. We supply only the best brands, catering to a wide-range of site conditions and job requirements.

As the temperature begins to fall, you should ideally be thinking about long-sleeved shirts, fleece jumpers and padded safety jackets, as well as HI VIS throwovers and hoodies.

It’s never been easier to find the winter gear you need. Whether you’re looking for industrial wear, safety boots, hi-vis gear or other safety gear, you can find it all at -