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Owning and operating a safety franchise can be an incredibly rewarding endeavour. As with any small business, the successful operation of a Safety Quip franchise will require a lot of work, but when you love what you do, is it really work at all?


The following questions will help ascertain if a safety franchising opportunity is right for you.


Do you value quality time with your family?


This is no bread baking business!! If you are efficient the weekends are yours to enjoy as are public holidays and a couple of weeks break over Christmas.


Are you a ‘Can do’ type of person?


If you are self-motivated with emotional resilience and good relationship skills you are likely to make a good franchisee.


Do you have sufficient capital to start a SafetyQuip franchise business?


You need to invest around $250K plus have access to working capital. Going in underfunded is not an option.


Do you understand customer service and are you comfortable selling?


Exceptional customer service builds exceptional businesses. Having efficient and friendly customer service skills will prove invaluable when you’re on the shop floor or answering phone calls or at the customer’s workplace, as customer service plays a large part in establishing a regular customer base.


However, even if you don’t have a customer service background, if you’re a friendly, approachable person, customer service is a skill that will undoubtedly come naturally to you. Everything else, accounting entries, stock management and merchandising, is also a skill you can easily learn. To make this achievable, either surround yourself with a team who are skilled in these areas and can impart their knowledge on you, or take time before opening your franchise to learn the fundamentals.


Do You Have Any Pre-Existing Knowledge of the Safety Industry?


It really doesn’t matter as that is all trainable. You will be equipped to provide advice to your customers and also make appropriate product recommendations.


As long as you have the capacity to learn, and are willing to dedicate some time towards improving your knowledge base, you’ll be able to present yourself professionally.


Are You Eager to Get on the Road and Help Businesses Improve Their Workplace Safety?


As a Safety Quip franchise owner, you’ll be able to hit the road in your very own Safety Quip mobile shop and visit businesses to assist them with their safety needs. This not only gives you a chance to get out of your distribution centre, it also gives you the unique opportunity to visit each of your larger scale customers and see first-hand the conditions they need assistance with.


Our mobile vans are also an invaluable customer service and sales tool that will help you improve your bottom line, while also fulfilling customer needs.


Do You Want to be Your Own Boss?


One of the biggest questions you’ll need to answer before you set out on a journey to become a successful franchise owner, is do you want to be your own boss and do you have the ambition to build a multi-million dollar business?


This is pretty much the great Australian dream, and for good reason. When you’re operating your own Safety Quip store, you’ll have the freedom to run your day-to-day business without anyone breathing down your neck, but you’ll also have the backing and support of a nationally recognised brand, which comes with everything from marketing assistance to greater buying power with suppliers.


If this sounds like the dream, then you’re ready to take the next steps.


Do You Have a Supportive Network of Family and Friends?


Any new business endeavour is bound to be a lot of work, which can be stressful for some, especially if you have a lot of responsibilities to uphold outside of the workplace.


If you have a supportive family and friends that always give you backing then the settling in period will be a lot easier for you. This is because they will be able to encourage you if and when you find yourself doubting your ability. A strong support network is beneficial for your mental and emotional wellbeing, regardless of your profession, so having this in place will help you a lot, especially in the early days.


Are You Ready to Take on a new Career?


If you’re keen to take the next step in your professional life and go at it on your own, a successful safety business is the way to go!


With franchising opportunities available across Australia, talk to SafetyQuip about starting your own safety franchise today!